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Commercial and Residential Glass

Glass & Glazing Services

Provincial Glass and Mirror Ltd. offers a wide range of window glazing and glass repair services. Our team specializes in installations, repairs, and renovations. From commercial construction projects to home renovations, we equip all our glass professionals with the right tools to help you complete your project in many different ways. Our commitment to the highest level of customer service and providing top-quality work is why Provincial Glass and Mirror Ltd. is Southwestern Ontario’s number one company for commercial and residential glass services!

Commercial Glass & Glazing Services

Provincial Glass and Mirror Ltd. offers different types of commercial glass service. We provide knowledgeable, experienced and bonded glass technicians and installers suitable to your glass needs across Southwestern Ontario. We enhance the versatility and range of our services with our in-house fabrication shop of aluminium systems for storefronts, curtain wall systems, and glazing systems.


Residential Glass & Glazing Services

Whether it's glass for the interior or exterior, we strive to maintain or enhance the value and pride that you have in your home. Through the innovative use of glass, mirrors, and windows, you can create a memorable effect in your home or open up space for more design possibilities. If you have an idea in mind or need some solutions, just ask us for a consultation!

Glass Repair

Letting glass windows stay broken puts your home at risk. We have experience repairing a wide variety of windows, doors and mirrors. Depending on the style, design or manufacturer, we can find a cost-efficient way to fix your broken or damaged glass with the highest quality repair services available in London and the surrounding area.


Emergency Service

Provincial Glass & Mirror Ltd. is a leader in emergency glass repair services within London and Southwestern Ontario. Contact our team today to learn more about how we can repair your emergency in a cost-efficient manner!

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