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Commercial And Residential Glass Repairs & Replacement

Glass Repairs and Maintenance

At Provincial Glass & Mirror Ltd., we strive to provide only the highest-quality glass repairs and maintenance services for glass projects and glass alternatives. This includes the replacement of broken windows and screens, as well as custom modifications. Rest assured, you can count on our team of glass technicians to deliver top-quality service. When you have a maintenance, replacement, or repair job in a commercial, residential or institutional glass structure, trust London's leading glass company to get the job done!

Emergency Repair

Custom Glass Repair

Glass Door Services

Mirror Repairs & Maintenance

Window Repair Services

Emergency Repair

Our emergency service is provided 24 hours a day and is committed to a
one (1) hour response time from the initial time of the request. Our goal is to allow your business to reopen, your home to remain secure and to keep yourself as well as the general public as safe as possible.

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Custom Glass London Ontario

Custom Fabrication

When the project requires custom fabrication, come to Provincial Glass & Mirror Ltd. We can modify or duplicate existing installations, or design almost any new model directly for you. Our team is very creative, with experience producing many unique designs and shapes. Contact us with your vision so we can see how we can help!

Replication Services

Provincial Glass & Mirror Ltd. offers quality replication glass services. We provide item replication services for many residential and commercial projects. If you need to replace a piece of glass or mirror, or you want to duplicate something you love but can't find anywhere, we can help you replicate and install the glass solution.

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glass screen door replace

Glass Screens & Replace

Provincial Glass & Mirror Ltd. offers screen solutions for residential and commercial projects. Screens are ideal for openings in your house, including windows and doors. We can install almost any new screen for doors or windows, as well as repair most damaged installations.

Sealed Units Repair & Replace

Our team is skilled at repairing damaged glass furniture, including display cabinets, glass countertops, shelving, tabletops, and more. Whether the glass required for the job is curvy and smooth or straight and rigid, we have the right tools to customize the installation to your liking.

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Window Parts & Components

The Provincial Glass & Mirror Ltd. team provides essential window parts, components, and installation services for various residential and commercial glazing systems. Our range of parts and services includes screens, frames, handles, caulking, cleaners and more!

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