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5 Reasons to Choose a Glass Shower Enclosure

If you’re bored with your bathroom, a glass shower enclosure can furnish the space with a new appearance that’s elegant and spacious. Glass comes in so many different aesthetically-pleasing designs, you’ll be able to find the exact choice for the needs and size of your bathroom.

Here are five other reasons why you should choose a glass shower enclosure when remaking your bathroom!

It Adds Visual Space To Your Bathroom.

One of the biggest appeals of a glass shower enclosure is that it will make your bathroom look larger than it is. Shower curtains and sliding shower doors can cut off your sightliness, but glass showers take up very little visual space, no matter how much square footage the room has. You might even want to turn your half-bath into a full one!

It Shows Off More Features Of Your Bathroom

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Not only will your bathroom look bigger, but the glass shower enclosure will enhance other decorative elements, too. If you have some beautiful tile installed around the bath, the glass will show it off rather than hide it. This elevates the shower space to become a stunning feature that takes your bathroom to the next level aesthetically.

It also allows light to reach every part of the room. The bathroom is one of those parts of the house where the flow of light is important in performing your daily routine. A dark shower can make it more difficult to find what you need, like shampoo, soap, and razors. With a frameless glass shower door, natural and artificial light can flow into the space to help improve visibility.

Glass Shower Designs Are More Flexible

If you have an irregular bathroom, glass is the right choice. You can use it to add some flexibility when designing the size of your shower space. Whether you want an expansive spa shower or need a smaller corner walk-in, you can have a frameless glass shower door made to fit any scenario.

Glass Is Very Durable

Although you wouldn’t think it, frameless glass shower doors are tougher than their standard counterparts. The thickness of the glass means that it will last 3-4 times more than traditionally designed doors. Little to no metal used in its construction, which means corrosion won’t be an issue.

Provincialglass-cleaning shower-cleaningGlass Shower Enclosures Are Easier To Clean

If you choose a frameless walk-in glass shower, the clean-up is a breeze. Since a frameless glass door has no seals around it, there’s no place for water and soap to gather and build-up! But regardless of the enclosure you choose, glass is easier to clean: you can squeegee the door, making it easier to clean the floor and walls. When the bathroom is not your favourite place to clean in the first place, a glass shower enclosure makes the job a lot easier!

Provincial Glass provides the right glass to improve the value of your bathroom and give you more pride in your home. By using glass, mirrors, or windows in innovative ways, we can help you create a memorable effect in your bathroom and open up new spaces for design possibilities!

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